Living at Jesus College 

Jesus is one of the few colleges in Oxford which guarantee accommodation for the duration of your undergraduate degree. The cost of living is subsidized by college so tends to be cheaper than finding private housing, and the vast majority of students take advantage of this, and live in college-owned accommodation for their entire time at Oxford.

There are three college living sites: College, Stevens, and Barts, which can be seen on this map of Oxford:

The vast majority of college life takes place in, unsurprisingly, college. This is where the Library, Bar, JCR, and Hall are located, as well as where most students will have their tutorials. 1st years live on-site in either single or double set accommodation. About 30 students live in en suite single rooms in the Ship Street Center (there are 3 corridors with 10 rooms each), which is a newly-built block just across the street from college. The rest live in college itself, where there are a mixture of double sets (rooms for two people, consisting of large living rooms, two small bedrooms and a shared toilet/shower), and single sets (half are en-suite, half have shared toilet facilities). Unfortunately most first-year students do not have access to a kitchen, so we’d highly recommend bringing a toastie maker! A mini fridge is supplied in every room. Sadly college rents out students’ rooms over the vacations for guests and conferences, so freshers have to move out at the end of every term and back in again at the beginning of the next - though this is standard for most colleges.

Second year students live in Stevens Close, which is in Jericho (a neighborhood in North Oxford). This is about a twenty minute walk, or five minute cycle, from College. This has a total of 36 3-person flats with each flat containing three bedrooms, a shared kitchen / living area and a shared toilet & shower. The lease extends from September through to July, so students can remain in Oxford over the vacations.

Third and fourth years live in the Bartlemas Close Accommodation Centre, known to students as Barts, which is in Cowley (a neighborhood in East Oxford). This is about a half hour walk, or ten minute cycle, from College. Students live in flats of three or four people, with two toilets, one shower and shared kitchen/living areas. Again, the lease extends from September through to July, so students can remain in Oxford over the vacations.

The rent is the same for all rooms. The price of utilities is included in the rent for freshers. 2nd-4th years can opt to have utilities inclusive or exclusive (and subsidized by college), though most students typically choose the cheaper exclusive utility option.