Desson Au-Yeung     Alts regular     Medicine, 2nd Year

Desson Au-Yeung

Alts regular

Medicine, 2nd Year

ALTS is a mixed, non-contact, alternative ice hockey club which runs every Wednesday (23:15-01:00) and Friday (23:45-01:00) night. Everyone is welcome – no experience or equipment is needed! A group of us usually go on Fridays and walk down to the rink from college together and it’s a fun way to wind down after a stressful week (and a good alternative to Fever). If you’re interested in tagging along when we go (not just to ALTS, but to general skating sessions too!), please feel free to join the “JESICE” Facebook group or message me and I’ll add you to it. There’s absolutely no commitment to come every week, so you can just turn up when you feel like it!