Heya! I’m Joe, a third year studying Biology and this year’s Arts Rep on the JCR committee! This means I advertise the wide range of arts-related events taking place uni-wide to other Jesubites, as well as increasing the provision of arts within college.

Jesus has a variety of different events and groups where, as students, we can get involved in the arts. This includes the annual Turl Street Arts Festival, which is Oxford University’s largest arts festival held between the colleges of Jesus, Lincoln and Exeter in Hilary term. Each year Jesubites make up part of the committee and are directly involved in the organisation of the events and workshops that are put on. As President of TSAF 2019, I’m hugely excited for the things we’ve got planned this year, such as The Street Fair, Jazz Ball and various other workshops and external speakers!

As well as TSAF, Jesus has a strong arts presence throughout the rest of the year, with plenty to get involved with. This includes the Jesus College Chapel choir, a non-auditioning choir that perform weekly at Evensong alongside our organ scholar and musical director. As part of Jesus choir, you get the added bonus of free singing lessons and a formal meal every Sunday! Weekly ‘Friday@1’ concerts are also held more informally in Chapel where we get the opportunity to perform anything we wish to, and all students have access to our music practice room. On top of music, Jesus has various students that have acted in, produced and directed multiple university-wide theatre productions. This has led to a new annual drama production in Trinity term, with a cast and crew made up solely of Jesubites.

However arts in Jesus is not limited to drama and music! A Jesus College Arts Committee links the JCR with the MCR and staff, and has recently resulted in publications of an Arts Magazine. This has made clear the presence of arts to the entire JCR and has given students the opportunity to present their poetry and artwork.

I’m super excited to be Arts Rep for 2019, with plans to have more student art exhibitions in Chapel, music showcases of all the talented musicians in college, increasing the hype and status of our theatre production and a long-term goal of establishing a Jesus College Funding Body to help fund student arts projects!