The badminton club at Jesus is open to players of all abilities – beginners are always welcome at the weekly club sessions and there are plenty of opportunities for more serious play in both the inter-collegiate league (which runs across all three terms) and in cuppers (which takes place Hilary and Trinity). There are no fixed teams for the league matches, and we try to get as many people as possible to play in these matches. The cuppers team is picked in Hilary and usually consists of the best players in college (or whoever is available).

So far this year, Jesus has performed well in the league matches across the men’s, women’s, and mixed divisions with no losses at the end of Michaelmas – plenty of draws and a few wins – but there’s plenty of more matches yet to be played until the end of the year.

The weekly club sessions take place every term on Saturday from 1700 to 1900 at the East Oxford Games Hall (except on the Saturday of 0th and 8th weeks). Rackets and shuttlecocks are provided as well! Get involved

Co-Captain : Jon Dunne 2nd Year, German

Co-Captain: Jon Dunne
2nd Year, German

Co-Captain : Josh Venables 2nd Year, Music

Co-Captain: Josh Venables
2nd Year, Music