Jesus College Bar

Welcome to Jesus College Bar. It’s recently been completely renovated, led by a student committee, so it’s got all the things we felt were best for a student bar.
A lot goes on here - pub quizzes on a Sunday, it’s a great way to end your night after a formal, or perhaps for pre-drinks before a night out at Bridge or Parkend!

And, if you want, you can take shifts working behind the bar to earn a bit of money! For current students, contact the ACC Officer (Hector Thornton-Swan), to find out how to sign up.



The bar is open and serving from 8:30-11pm every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during term-time. Jesus College students have fob access to the bar at all times, so you can head down during the day to play darts, on one of the games consoles, or to make use of the JCR’s keyboard!


Carlsberg - £2.30
Somersby Cider - £2.30
San Miguel - £2.70
Stella Artois (bottle) - £2.50
Guiness - £2.90
Cwm Braf (bottle) - £2.90

Merlot - £2.50
Shiraz - £2.50
Sauvignon Blanc - £2.50

Tonic Water - £1.00
Ginger Ale - £1.00
Orange Juice - £1.00
Coke (330ml can) - £1.00
Diet Coke (330ml can) - £1.00

Romanoff Vodka - £1.80
Belmont Gin - £1.85
Apple Sourz - £1.90
Peach Schnapps - £1.90
Tequila - £2.50
Malibu Rum - £2.55
Famous Grouse - £2.60
Jack Daniels - £3.00
Bombay Saphire - £3.00
Talisker Single Malt - £3.00
Couvoisier Cognac - £3.00
Southern Comfort - £3.00
Captain Morgan Rum - £3.00
Single Gin/Vodka & Mixer - £3.50

The Sheep Bite (our college drink!) - £5.50 (pint)


Bar Parties are some of the best times for socializing - whether it’s the launch for the Jesus College Ski Trip (which happens annually to Val Thorens), or for the results of the JCR Elections, loads of Jesubites gather to socialise, make use of the cheap prices (Oxford’s expensive!) and to possibly pre-drink for a night out!


Above this is the UV Room - filled with sofas, a Wii games console, PS3 and Xbox 360 and of course, lots of UV paint on the walls, which come to life when the UV lights are turned on - as well as your clothes or even a pint of cider (which goes green). Lots of students like to relax in here whilst they’re in the bar in a big group, or make use of the Xbox, PS3 or Wii (with over 100 games), if they’re up for a bit of competition.

As well as all of that, we also have a pub quiz machine, a darts board, and table football!

If you want to read more about our bar, check out the Oxford College Bar Review’s review of us at Jesus College Bar review!