Biological Sciences



Average intake: 4

Course Length: 3 years with optional 4th year

Distance to department: 10 minutes

Nick Wong, Biology Subject Rep

Nick Wong, Biology Subject Rep

Welcome from the subject rep

Hi! My name’s Nick and I study Biological Science, more or less specialising in Entomology. The course structure changed this year to include an optional 4th year for an extended research project, but that’s not in the old course hence I’m not an expert on it... Luckily, our tutor, Jen, is extremely helpful and when she’s not too busy researching pondskaters, she’d be keen to answer any questions you might have on the course or just Biology in general!
In your 1st year you’ll be assessed on three main topics: ‘Diversity of Life’, ‘How to Build a Phenotype’, and ‘Ecology and Evolution’. That’s material from lectures everyday at 9am and 2pm, which might sound a dash early, but hey – at least you get to go in the Museum of Natural History before the tourists and be in the same building as the only remaining tissue sample of the Dodo! You’ll also get some lab work per week (‘some’ being 0-3, it really depends on the week), which happens in the Modular Teaching Lab on Mansfield Road – if you can’t find it, do drop me a message and I’ll help you out (it’s a tad elusive). The schedules of all the lectures and labs can all be found on weblearn under ‘MPLS’ > ‘Biological Sciences Gateway’ > ‘Biological Sciences Teaching’ > ‘Year 1’ > ‘Electronic timetables’.
You’ll also get weekly tutorials with tutors from different colleges which Jen will organise for you – they are genuinely good fun with intriguing tutorial questions, but it might be worth leaving some time out of your week to get them done! That said, the work load is fairly light in the 1st year and I was able to focus more on arts and sports, and still keep my head above water.
If you have any questions please do email me!

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