Bops are big JCR organised parties that are held twice a term (Michaelmas 0th & 5th week, Hilary & Trinity 2nd & 6th week). They are really entertaining events where you can get to know people in college with whom you might not so often otherwise cross paths. The main attraction of Jesus bops is our imaginative themes, from dressing up as your ‘Hometown Heroes’ to ‘Garden of Eden or things from Sweden’, and the main rule of thumb is the more homemade and creative, the better! In Freshers’ Week there is also a freshers-only bop where you can dress up as your subject, which is a great opportunity to break the ice and meet the other freshers.

At each bop there is a choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ‘boptails’ being served to make the evening as enjoyable as possible. There is also always a room booked out as a safe space and members of the JCR as bystanders to make sure each event also has a safe and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Image credit: Oliver Whitaker