Average intake: 8-10

Length of Course: 4 years

Distance to Department: 10 minutes

Minyi Yao, Chemistry Subject Rep

Minyi Yao, Chemistry Subject Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hey guys! My name is Minyi and I’m a second year chemist. Chemistry is a fairly big department at oxford as well as in our college (the head of the chemistry department is a member of Jesus college). Every year, around 180 students are enrolled on the Oxford undergraduate chemistry course, with usually 9 of these students studying at Jesus college. The prelim course is split into 4 components: Maths, Physics and physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Each component counts 25 percent to the final grade so please don’t underestimate maths!! In our first year, we do practical labs twice a week (Monday and Tuesday 11am-5pm). They are for you to practice basic lab skills, and are not a part of the prelim assessment. However, you need to attend every session and submit all the coshh forms, pre-lab assessments and post-lab write-ups in time or else you cannot attend the prelim exams. Take it seriously and it is really fun time! Chemistry at Oxford is well-known for its difficulty and workload. Don’t worry at all, because we have the best tutors you could ever find! They’re all very experienced and knowledgeable and they really have the passion and patience for teaching. Besides, our tutors also become our friends and help us solve all the problems in daily life. When you first start the course, you might find it overwhelming. This is common; most people feel like this at the beginning so don’t be worried if you feel like this at the start! Everything gets better over time as you adapt to the Oxford way of life. Chemists are the most united people that I know of, where we help each other and work as a team. We will all be here to help you if you need anything anytime! Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about the course or Jesus life.

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