Jesus College CU is a welcoming community of Christians in college aiming to build each other up in our faith in and love for Jesus Christ as we seek to be his representatives within college! Here are the various ways we do that (anyone is welcome!):

Bible studies every other Wednesday – If you've never been to a bible study before, 2 reasons we take this time are 1) to learn more about the word of God that is life giving and so full of wisdom that we can actually learn & live from. & 2) we get to examine it together and learn from each other. It’s a great time spent as a CU because we get to be excited together, be confused together, and generally just have beneficial chats.

Saturday morning prayer – a refreshing time set aside in the busyness of the Oxford week to rest in God’s wonderful presence together and spend in thankfulness and prayer.

Pub social before OICCU ‘Central’ every other Wednesday – chilling together before we head down to meet with all the other college CUs in Oxford!

Running ‘BOPlove’ – providing bop-goers with water, snacks and a chat - you can find us at a table in the conservatory!

Running ‘Text-a-Toastie’ – People in college text us a toastie filling and a question related to Christianity. We prepare said toastie and take it to them with a response to their question!

A lot of us also attend various chapel events like Tuesday Communion or Sunday Evensong.

Whether you're a Christian or not, you are always welcome to get in touch and turn up to any events, or indeed to have a chat about any issues about Christianity that interest / bother you!

The college CU reps are Molly MacRae (2nd year physics) and Immy Osborn (2nd year Classics and English) and we would love to hear from you or, even better, see you at a CU event!

Immy and Molly, CU Reps

Immy and Molly, CU Reps