Average Intake: 4

Length of Course: 3/4 years

Distance to Faculty: 8 minutes

Courses Offered: Classics, Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages

Celia Riddiough, Classics Subject Rep

Celia Riddiough, Classics Subject Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hi, I’m Celia, a second year Classics 1A student. Classics is pretty unique as it’s a 4-year BA, without a year abroad – Jesus takes about 4 students per year, and across the year there’s about 100 people, so you can easily get to know people at other colleges! You have language classes organised by the faculty (for two terms if you’re Course 1, more if you’re Course 2) which are mixed with other colleges, so you can get to know other Classicists easily. There’s a good mix between lectures, tutorials and classes, so your week definitely won’t be monotonous! In first term, you’ll probably have 1 essay a week, plus some language work for your faculty classes, as well as a translation and a commentary for language classes in college – this sounds like a lot, but it is manageable, and you still have time to do other things. Drop me a message if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed about work – it can take time to adjust, and I’m always willing to help. One bonus of studying Classics is that we don’t have first year exams, so there’s plenty of time to get comfortable with the language and literature before Mods, which happen in the second term (Hilary) of second year. There’s 10 papers, evenly divided between language and literature – the papers differ depending on what course you’re doing, and you choose two papers, so you might be studying different papers to the others in your year. Don’t worry though, because it’s likely that someone at Jesus studied your paper and can give you a hand. Feel free to get in touch with me via email and ask me any questions about what studying Classics at Jesus is like!


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