Computer Science



Average intake: 4

Length of Course: 3/4 years

Distance to Faculty: 10 minutes

Chelsea Crawford, Computer Science Rep

Chelsea Crawford, Computer Science Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hey! I’m Chelsea, the Jesus Compsci rep. If you enjoy maths and solving difficult problems, then this is definitely the course for you. The computer science modules for the first term are Linear Algebra, Discrete Maths, Probability and Functional Programming. First term builds up a strong foundation in maths very quickly. The work load is intense but manageable. A normal week for me has been lectures usually 9 am and finishing 11 or 12 every day and then 3 or 4 tutorials a week so for me it was surprisingly less contact hours than I expected, but plenty of time is spent solving problem sheets which are due weekly. There’s also my favourite part of the course which is the practical sessions where you get given short programming problems to solve. The first language you learn / work in is Haskell which is a bizarre language that I’ve definitely grown to love. The computer science department also offers numerous talks and events which freshers can attend, there have been a number of talks by Google giving advice about internships (and giving away free swag and pizza) and the Oxford hack at the end of term, to name only two. To sum up, Computer Science at Oxford is a unique and challenging experience! (also recently ranked number 1 in the world for computer science – THE). Please do email me if you have any questions!


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Jesus currently doesn’t offer Computer Science and Philosophy. For information on the Mathematics and Computer Science course at Jesus, please see the Mathematics and Joint Courses page!