Diversity & Equal Opportunities

It is vital that every student at Jesus College has the opportunity to thrive here. The JCR has an equal opportunities sub-committee dedicated to ensuring that college life is accessible for all and to represent and support specific groups in our community. Please see the fantastic and comprehensive equal opportunities resource pack, as well as an introduction to the sub-committee, some of the diversity events that have taken place over the past year, and the Junior Members’ Scholarship.

From the Equal Opps Rep:

Hiya! My name’s Liv and I am this year’s Equal Opportunities Representative, originally from Australia and Wales. I have spent the last few years before Uni at school in Singapore, though I have moved around for most of my life! My role involves working together with my sub-committee to ensure that the needs of JCR members of all cultures, religions and orientations and disabilities are catered for. I am also involved in celebrating the incredible community we have here at Jesus, through encouraging equality and diversity campaign. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns!

From the Committee:

Below is a brief introduction from each member of the 2019 Equal Opportunities sub-committee - for longer welcomes, comprehensive information and advice please see the amazing resource pack they’ve made!