Economics and Management



Average Intake: 4

Course Length: 3 years

Distance to Faculty: 15 minutes

Will Sutcliffe, E&M Subject Rep

Will Sutcliffe, E&M Subject Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

So my name’s Will Sutcliffe and I read Economics and Management. Jesus typically takes four people per year for E&M and is a great place to do a great course. The first year’s modules provide a good mix of quantitative and essay based content and this means that there is good variation in the work you’re doing and makes the structure of your week less repetitive. First year’s modules include General Management (an introduction to basic Managerial theory), Economics (which builds on A-level or equivalent) and Financial Management (basic accounting and quantitative financial analysis). Whilst some other courses can seem somewhat monotonous, E&M provides good variation as well as genuinely interesting content.  Despite the fact that I would certainly deny the course’s reputation as ‘Easy and Manageable,’ there is perhaps some truth in the fact that E&M, given its contact hour obligations, allows a great lifestyle. This is not something that people tend to consider before applying but is a huge factor in the extent to which you are able to enjoy your first year. I’ve also found E&M’ers to be especially fun and outgoing, and couldn’t recommend the course highly enough. Feel free to email or Facebook me with any questions!


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