Average Intake: 5/6

Course Length: 4 years

Distance to Faculty: 10 minutes

Angus Alder, Engineering Subject Rep

Angus Alder, Engineering Subject Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hiya, my name is Angus and I study Engineering Science. In the first two years you will find yourself taking core modules from all kinds of disciplines, but in the second two you are able to specialise in what you find most appealing from 1st and 2nd years. As an engineer at Jesus College, we are incredibly lucky with both our tutors and alumni. In a typical week you will find a fairly even split of contact hours (including lectures, labs and tutorials) and self-directed study (essentially homework and some extra reading if you are interested). The labs are particularly hands on and engaging, and the tutorials are flexible and incredibly useful. When it comes to exams, again they are very flexible, with the majority of each of the papers being choices of questions from a selection!

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any queries or just to say hi!


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