Average Intake: 6

Course Length: 3 years

Distance to Faculty: 8 minutes (at a normal walking pace!)


Laurel Boxall, English Subject Rep    laurel.boxall@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Laurel Boxall, English Subject Rep


Welcome from the Subject Rep

Despite an arguably limited idea of what the course is like in other colleges, I believe that Jesus has got to be in the top 3 for English Literature and Language teaching! With a team of highly supportive, attentive and EXPERT tutors to guide you through the four papers you'll undertake in first year, what more could you ask for?! Each week you'll have a mixture of classes, tutorials and lectures with varying numbers of students in each: classes usually consist of 6-10 (if you have joint honours students joining you!), tutorials 1-2 and paired based on what you've written your essay on for that week, and lectures with most of the english cohort! Jesus college also has a wonderful group which all English undergrads are automatically a part of, called the Herbert Society, allowing us to mix with older years (to ask for notes and essay pointers!) and with a range of speakers on various topics. This encapsulates the community of Jesus College, and the attitude of the english students I've met so far- everyone wants you to succeed, and to make the road as easy as possible for you! If you need help, have questions, or you just want someone to nerd out about literature with, come find one of us! I'm very happy to answer any questions, and support you in any way I can!


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Jesus also offers several joint courses with English - English & Modern Languages, Classics and English, and History and English.