English and Modern Languages



Average Intake: 1/2

Course Length: 4 years (3rd year compulsory year abroad)

Distance to Faculty: 15 minutes

Lucy Kelly, Jesus EMEL Subject Rep    lucy.kelly@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Lucy Kelly, Jesus EMEL Subject Rep


Welcome from the subject rep

Hellooo, I’m Lucy and I study English and Modern Languages (German). The average intake for EML is 23, but you’ll find people do different languages to you alongside their English. Whichever language you do, the course is 4 years long, with the 3rd year spent abroad. I’m so glad I study my course at Jesus, mainly because my English and German tutors communicate really well with each other, and are really understanding when I have deadlines for one subject which clash with the other. Makes joint honours slightly easier! Saying that, you’ll have lots of classes (like translation or grammar classes) in other places around Oxford, but you’ll be told about these in advance, or just ask me and I can direct you. You’ll also have to pick which period you want to study for English; either Old English (paper 2), Victorian (paper 3), or modern (paper 4). I chose modern, which you’ll study in second term (Hilary), the other two are taught in first term (Michaelmas). I loved this paper, but pick whichever appeals to you.

Please email me with any questions!!


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