European and Middle Eastern Languages



Intake: 1/2

Course Length: 4 years (2nd year compulsory year abroad in middle east)

Distance to Faculty: 8 minutes

Phoebe Jowett Smith, EMEL Subject Rep

Phoebe Jowett Smith, EMEL Subject Rep

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hi, I’m studying Spanish and Arabic and I’m just about to go on my year abroad to Amman, Jordan. The course is very different to most of the other language courses. The first year studying Arabic is very intense and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not up to scratch but everyone is in the same boat. Try not to compare yourself to the other Arabic students because everyone has different levels of Arabic going in and people will prioritise their time in different ways. For me, the European side of my course was a nice breather and an opportunity to read something in a language I could actually speak! The literature is also difficult and it takes a while to adjust to the full timetable of reading and writing in a short space of time. There are not many EMEL students, you could easily be the only one in your year so if you have any questions feel free to ask me - find me on fb (or my college wife who does Russian and Persian if you are studying those languages). Don’t worry about the course, if I can do it then you definitely can! The Oriental Institute will try and intimidate you about the intensity of the course but in reality you will pass the first year if you do enough work!


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