Experimental Psychology



Average Intake: 3

Length of Course: 3 years

Distance to Faculty: 15 minutes

Olly Hartopp, EP Subject Rep    oliver.hartopp@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Olly Hartopp, EP Subject Rep


Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hello! I’m Olly and I study Experimental Psychology. Intake for EP at Oxford is around 50 people and there will be 3-4 people in Jesus each year. The prelims course basically splits into three parts: Psychology, Neurophysiology and Statistics. It’s important to remember that these really are just the basics and the tutors are excellent at going through anything we didn’t understand. Another thing that is good to know is that the statistics part is definitely doable for anyone who hasn’t done maths since GCSE and the tutors are very good at accommodating all levels of maths. I remember when I got the reading list and summer task emailed to me and it all seemed very serious - once you get here you realise it is far more relaxed than it seems and the tutors are generally very understanding with things like deadlines. The course has been really varied and interesting and the workload is very manageable!! Please email me with any questions at all! 


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