1st XI

Joe Hughes 1st XI Captain History, 2nd Year

Joe Hughes 1st XI Captain History, 2nd Year

In recent years, football has risen to become one of the most popular sports at College. It doesn't matter if you have played all your life, or never kicked a ball before; there is a place in JCFC for you. Each of the teams participate in collegiate-wide league and cup competitions, and in recent years, JCFC has seen some real successes in these tournaments. Triumphs include back to back promotions between 2016-2018 for the men's 1s, who now play in the top division. High levels of participation and passion, moreover, have ensured that the 2s are fastly becoming a force to be reckoned with, and are unbeaten in the league in 2018/2019. There is also a great social atmosphere around the club, and events looking to bring the club together such as meals and drinks occur regularly. With a good start to the 2018/2019 season across all teams- in terms of participation and results- these really are exciting times for JCFC, and we look to continue the progress in years to come  


2nd XI

Josh Venables 2nd XI Captain Music, 2nd year

Josh Venables
2nd XI Captain
Music, 2nd year

Amongst the hubbub of sporting teams vying for success within college, "Jesus Mens' Football Reserves" stands transcendent above them all. A club built on the back of pure passion and jesus spirit, we're currently halfway through an unreal season in the first division as the highest scoring team in the entirety of JCR Football so far this year, achieving a clean 5 wins from our 5 league games. This leaves the 2s within touching distance of the unbelievable prospect of a coming season in the top flight of JCR Reserves Football. Despite our outrageous run of form this season, the 2s have always had a strong policy of prioritising passion for the shirt over mere skill levels. No word more sums up the heart of 2s footy than "keen" and I'd argue that's the secret to our constant success as a club. It's an honour to lead the boys alongside co-captain/vice-captain/librarian Jonah Anton and for me, 2s football has to be one of the highlights of college life. Whatever your footballing experience, get involved and enjoy a taste of sport at its purest. #upthe2s