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Average intake: 2

Course Length: 3 years

Distance to department: 10 minutes

Adam Wilkinson-Hill, Hispol Subject Rep    adam.hill@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Adam Wilkinson-Hill, Hispol Subject Rep


Welcome from the subject rep

Hi, I’m Adam, a second year History and Politics student at Jesus, and its subject rep! As you’ve probably seen, the average intake for History and Politics is not huge at Jesus (I’m the sole in my year, there are currently 2 in third year!) but the great thing is that as a joint-school between two popular degrees (History and PPE), you get to interact with a lot more students. Also, you’ll probably get to know most of the other HisPol students around Oxford - there are around 35/40 of us! The great thing about HisPol is that you get quite a lot of scope with your module options. You study 2 history modules, and 2 politics modules in your first year. For the first history module, you pick one module between any of the British History I - VI papers, or of the European and World History I - IV papers - these papers range from 300 AD right up to 1951 so you really have so much scope! For the second history paper at Jesus, you have the option between a Language Paper (French, Spanish, Russian or German), Historiography (where you study four historical authors), or Quantification of History. For your politics papers, the only module you have to take is the Introduction to the Practice of Politics, and you then have a choice between two papers - An Introduction to the Theory of Politics, or Theories of the State. They’re both quite similar (the first is a theory paper set by the politics department, the latter by the history department) and differ because of the political theorists and set texts you study. When you pick your first history paper (Brit I-VI/EWH I-IV), you’ll be sent a reading list and most likely a task to complete (I had a book review to write!) - make sure to do it, but don’t stress too much - you will have to hand it in during Freshers’ Week, at the Tutor’s Meeting. If you want to get a headstart on politics work, I’d recommend reading An Introduction to the Theory of Politics by Jonathan Wolff - it’ll work regardless of which political theory paper you do. Apart from the book for your task, or perhaps Wolff’s book, don’t worry about buying all (or any, to be honest) of the books - unless you really plan to read them all (which you probably won’t have time to do) then there’s no point buying them because there are multiple copies of all of them in the Jesus Library - the Upper Meryicke will be home of all of your books! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I did European and World History 4, Historiography, Practice of Politics and Theory of Politics - so if you’ve got any questions specifically about those or studying joint schools at Jesus or Oxford in general, send me an email!


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