History and Joint Courses



Average intake: 12

Course Length: 3 years (History, History and English, History and Economics), 4 years with year abroad in 3rd year (History and Modern Languages)

Distance to Faculty: 10 minutes

Emily Clark, History Subject Rep    emily.clark@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Emily Clark, History Subject Rep


Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hey, I’m Emily and I’m a history student at Jesus. There are seven of us second year historians at Jesus as well as three others doing joint honour degrees with languages and politics. Over your three year history degree you will have to cover British, European and World history across early, middle and modern periods. There are lots of different modules to choose from each term, providing that you meet the geographical and chronological requirements. You’ll have weekly tutorials with a partner, lectures and classes where you’ll get an opportunity to meet other people from different colleges. I had classes in Trinity term with people from Worcester and Queens college who were studying the same special subject as me. You will find that you don’t have as much contact hours as lots of the other subjects but your tutors expect you to take on more independent study to complete your average three essays a fortnight. The tutors at Jesus are really helpful and approachable and if you have any questions or concerns the 2nd and 3rd year historians are super friendly!! You’ll probably be set some reading/ book reviews over the summer but don’t stress about them, it’s only just to get you thinking before you come to Oxford. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to meeting you in October! If you have any questions before then just get in touch :)


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