The Junior Members’ Scholarship (JMS)

Lama Alhelou   Junior Members’ Scholar

Lama Alhelou

Junior Members’ Scholar

The Junior Members’ Scholarship (JMS) is another great thing about Jesus. This is a scholarship which provides full funding for a student from an area of the world where access to higher education is restricted to study here – it was set up in 2012, by Jesus undergraduates, and has been running strongly ever since. The scholarship has been awarded to two students from Gaza, Palestine: Rawan Yaghi, who graduated in 2016, and Lama Alhelou, who’s currently a 2nd year student studying Linguistics and Italian. The JMS is a fantastic collaborative effort highlighting the tight-knit community of Jesus; although it is managed by the JCR it relies on contributions from JCR, MCR and SCR members. We’re also very grateful to the Hoping and Qattan foundations, and alumni for generously supporting the scholarship. Members of the JCR have described the JMS as ‘an unmissable opportunity to make a difference’ and ‘one of the reasons I’m so proud to be part of the Jesus College community’. Lama, the current scholar, is an integral and joyous part of our community. We highly recommend that any members of the JCR get involved with the JMS; it’s a great way to make a difference (cliché as that sounds, it’s true) and contribute to college life in a concrete way. New voices are always welcome and we’re currently in the process of planning the third iteration of the scholarship, so it’s an exciting time to get involved where you could really have a big influence on a crucial part of the JCR for years to come. Unfortunately, we can only support one scholar at a time, so the scholarship is not currently open to applications. Information on how to apply will be released once the scholarship is re-opened.