Average intake: 8

Course Length: 3 years (Law), 4 years with 3rd Year abroad (Law with Law Studies in Europe)

Distance to department: 15 minutes

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hi, my name is Hector and I’m the law subject rep. I also run the Jesus law society so you may or may not see me around there too. When I’m not in the library you might see me in the river rowing or out running around Oxford. In college I’m also the JCR ACC rep and am organising the Jesus ski trip (you should come!). Now a little about law at Jesus. In your first two terms you’ll be studying three modules before mods, Criminal, Constitutional and Roman law. You should have all three of these modules taught by tutors in college rather than elsewhere. There are six of us law students in second year so I imagine your cohort should be a similar size. There will probably be a couple of you studying the four year course and going abroad for a year of law in another jurisdiction. The rest of us lawyers have to settle for a three year course. I hope this helps a little. If you’ve got any questions about anything do send me an email, I’m more than happy to help!


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