Mathematics & Joint Courses



Average intake: 10

Length of Course: 3/4 years

Distance to Mathematical Institute: 12 minutes

Courses Offered: Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Mathematics & Philosophy

Welcome from the Subject Rep

Hello! My name is Gabriela and I’m studying Maths. The course is 4 years long, but you can leave after 3 with just a BA. During the first year you will be taking much the same subjects as the joint school students (maths + Phil, maths + compsci, maths + stats). From the second year onwards you can start to choose what courses you want to take, and what fields you want to focus on. You’ll be having lots of lectures and tutorials (usually taught in groups of two). The past year, the Jesus tutors also gave extra classes in Analysis because it’s generally considered more tricky. Your tutorials will be given by the three Jesus tutors and some PhD students, all of whom you’ll meet during freshers week. Occasionally you’ll be taught by a tutor from another college, although this is more often the case for later years. Although we don’t have a maths + compsci rep, Chelsea (Computer Science rep) and I are more than happy to help any joint schools students! Finally, don’t worry about the summer work, they really mean it when they say it’s optional. Feel free to email me any questions!

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