When applying to Oxford, interviews are sadly an inescapable certainty of the application - the final hurdle - which in most cases is preceded by an admissions test and/or written submitted work. Here, we demystify the interview process, which is often different from subject to subject. The mock interviews filmed below feature senior Jesus College Fellows as the interviewers, so rest assured the questions are typical of an interview here - just bear in mind point #1 below!

general tips

  1. It does not matter if you are asked something you haven’t come across before. Be clear about what you have/have not learnt, and suggest how you might use what you do know to make an informed guess.

  2. Don’t lose confidence if you make a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes, even the person asking you the questions. Be resilient. If you recognise you’ve said something wrong, let the interviewer know and explain why it wasn’t correct - it’s just as impressive!

  3. Don’t sit in silence! Your interviewers can only give you hints if they know what you’re thinking. So keep talking through your approach; slowly and clearly. Most people think in silence, but at interviews you want to do the opposite - think out loud!

  4. Don’t worry about what to wear to interviews - here at Jesus College, we really don’t care. Smart, casual or somewhere in between - it’s all the same to us.


Mock interviews

Modern Languages