Modern Languages



Average Intake: 10

Course Length: 4 years (3rd year abroad)

Distance to Faculty: 12 minutes

Alys Gilbert, Languages Subject Contact

Alys Gilbert, Languages Subject Contact

Welcome from the Subject Contact

Hi! My name’s Alys and I’m going into my second year studying French and Italian at Jesus. I’m here for you to send me any questions and queries you may have about modern languages.

Modern languages is a very large course (around 150 people studying it in various combinations across the uni in one year group) and at Jesus there are around 10-12 people studying languages in each year, although obviously the numbers vary for individual languages, for example there are considerably more people doing French than Italian. Depending on the language(s) you might have language classes in college or they might be taught centrally with a mix of people from different colleges. For most languages (aside from French and German) you will also have a tutor for literature at a different college. Your time is split equally between languages and literature (all compulsory in first year) and it’s actually really nice to have some variety in what your studying. Regarding the reading list- make a start on the books because it’ll be less stressful in term time if you’ve done at least some of it but don’t worry too much about it.

Please do send me an email if you have any questions!

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Modern Languages is offered as a joint course with Classics, English, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and as EMEL. Please click the links to find out more!