Average Intake: 3

Length of Course: 3 years

Distance to Faculty: 8 minutes

Abi Owen, Music Subject Rep

Abi Owen, Music Subject Rep

Welcome from the subject rep

Hi I’m Abi and I make noise or “study music”. Reading Music at Oxford is pretty great because it’s the only semi-vocational course available, although be under no illusion- there are plenty of essays alongside practical elements like performance. The good thing about about the music course here at Oxford is that you get a lot of choice over the practical vs academic balance. Studying at Jesus college is particularly awesome because there only a few students accepted each year, meaning you get a really personal experience. We work very closely with the Lincoln students, but most of the tutorials are either in Jesus or in the music faculty. The best part about studying Music here in Oxford is the countless opportunities you get to say- play a Gamelan or meet a famous composer! The course can be pretty tough and demanding though, particularly if you have to juggle your deadlines with rehearsals so if you have any questions at all drop me an email!


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