If you are reading this and have achieved your offer, congratulations and welcome! You are about to embark on the greatest journey of your life at the greatest college of all time. Have a look around both the JCR and Freshers’ website and feel free to contact any of the lovely people that crop up – from the wonderful JCR Committee, who organise most college events, to the numerous sports captains. Any and all will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, look at the FAQs section on the website or ask a question on the Jesus College Freshers 2019 Facebook group. Can’t wait to meet you all in October!

Freshers’ Week


We're Adam and Celia, your 2019 Freshers Presidents, and the best college marriage at Jesus.

We'll be making sure that this year's Freshers Week is the best that Jesus has ever seen and can't wait to show you all the plans we have! From legendary bops and silent discos, to an all inclusive fresher’s fair and ice hockey tournaments, there will always be things to do. We can’t wait to lead you in one of the best weeks of your life and hope you have as good a week as we did.

Adam and Celia
Freshers’ Week Presidents 2019

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