Oxford SU

While the JCR committee serves as the representation for Jesus College students, if you’re looking to make an impact across the University as a whole, Oxford SU Council is a great place to start. The Council – which is the decision-making body of the Oxford SU – meets every Wednesday of odd weeks at 5:30 during term time. These meetings provide an opportunity for the Oxford SU officers to give updates, and for attendees to ask questions and challenge them. The meetings also provide opportunities to debate and pass policy on a wide range of issues about both student life and social issues across Oxford as a whole.

Oxford SU Council meetings are open to all, and everyone can ask questions and propose motions (which must be submitted by Thursday at 1pm before the meeting), but each college only has 3 votes. At Jesus, these votes are held by the President, the OxSU Rep and any third member of college. We encourage everyone who is on the fence about attending a meeting to give it a go! These meetings are an easy way to find out what the Oxford SU actually does, provide an opportunity to make wide-reaching changes beyond the JCR, and help represent Jesus at the extra-collegiate level.

Links and Contacts

If you have any questions about Oxford SU and Jesus, or if you would like to be the third vote in Council please contact our current OxSU rep, Olly Besly.

To submit a motion, follow the procedure on the Oxford SU website.

To find out more about the Council, see the Guide to Council or contact the Chair of Council.

If you’re interested in running for various Oxford SU positions, check out the information on their website here.