Philosophy, Politics and Economics



Average Intake: 7

Length of Course: 3 years

Distance to Faculty: 5 minutes

Welcome from the subject reps

Hi, we are Owen and Marley and we study PPE at Jesus. The average intake for PPE at Jesus is around 6/7 but you’ll find people studying other degrees that do overlapping modules (economics and management, philosophy and theology, history and politics, and philosophy, psychology and linguistics). We are really excited to meet you in freshers´week!

Don´t worry too much about preparing for your degree, you will have meetings with your tutors in freshers´week (possibly hungover) to prepare you for the upcoming term. That being said, there are a couple of things we recommend you do before you come to Oxford that will make your first year much easier (we didn’t and our essays from freshers´week were questionable to say the least . First, you should read ‘Utilitarianism’ by John Stuart Mill. It is not long and it forms the basis of an entire module. Second, it would be useful to read through ‘The Logic Manual’ by Volker Halbach. It is a challenging read for beginners in logic but it will help you when you do the logic module.

Please don’t hesitate to email one of us if you have any questions.

Year 1 modules, in no particular order:

Moral Philosophy: A study of the ideas presented in Mill´s Utilitarianism.
Logic: An introduction to a couple of elementary languages of logic.
General Philosophy: A brief study of topics such as free will and knowledge.
Political Theory: A study of several different schools of political philosophy such as Marxian Communism and Rousseauian contractualism.
Practice of Politics: An exploration of different arenas of politics ranging from the idea of a democracy to the stupidity of voters.
Microeconomics: Simple algebra and some differentiation.
Macroeconomics: After studying this for a year, we can confidently proclaim that we do not how to summarise this module.

PS: If the college sent you a summer reading list with over 20 books, do not buy them all like Owen did, most of them, though interesting, are not relevant to your first year.


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