Men's Captain:  Ben Tucker 4th year, Chemistry

Men's Captain: Ben Tucker
4th year, Chemistry

 With c.150 active members JCBC is the largest sports club in college and as a result is able to accommodate varying levels of commitment and experience as well as offering the biggest, and arguably best, socials. In fact, we would encourage all college members to give rowing a try as no prior experience is necessary . Almost all of the current members started with little experience and were taught to row by the club's expert coaches. 

The JCBC Men's Squad is currently at a historic all time high in its success. M1 (the first boat) is positioned in both division 1 for Torpids and Summer Eights for the first time since 1974 and the M2 boat is ranked the highest it has been in Summer Eights since 1960. The Men's Squad has returned with fewer Seniors than usual for the winter season, but that hasn't stopped us from competing in a number of races this Michaelmas, rounding off the term with the Fairbairns Cup in Cambridge - beating both Oxford and Cambridge crews alike. This years Christ Church regatta saw our strong novice crew narrowly lose their first round to the hosts (who then went on to reach the final) proving they had the ability to go almost all the way in the competition. For the rest of the year we look forward to integrating the novices to the senior squad where we will hope to match the level of success of the previous few year and elevate the quality of chat.

To find out more about the club, please see the boat club website !

Women’s Co-Captain:  Mari Downing 2nd year, Languages

Women’s Co-Captain: Mari Downing
2nd year, Languages

At Jesus College, rowing is a very popular sport - Jesus College Boat Club is the college’s biggest sports club. Rowing is a great way to keep fit, even if you’ve not done much sport before coming to Oxford. You don’t need to have tried rowing before; for most of our members, their first time in a boat is at the annual JCBC taster sessions! JCWBC provides an excellent opportunity to get to know people around college, particularly as its members come from both the JCR and the MCR. JCWBC has a very cohesive and friendly atmosphere, and with plenty of crew-dates and curries, there is a strong social element to rowing at Jesus. Every year, we enter competitions such as the internationally renowned Summer VIIIs. There are usually at least two women’s crews, which allows our members to choose how much time they would like to commit.