Social Highlights


Hi, I’m Clara, a third-year English student and your Social Sec this year! I’m responsible for organising college social events, as well as promoting an inclusive and friendly atmosphere within the JCR community.

Jesus is a very welcoming college and this is reflected in the number and variety of events which populate the calendar. Each term Jesus puts on lots of social events which everyone is encouraged to get involved in; these range from bar parties to inter-year crewdates and the famous Oxford bop… but also include more low-key events, such as themed formals and sports nights. These events not only offer a great break from work but also give everyone a chance to integrate more with people from other years and subjects.

Jesus also hosts one big external event towards the end of each term which all JCR members are invited to: Cocktail Dance in Hilary, Jesus Summer Soirée in Trinity and Dinner Dance come December…see the links to each event for more info on these. These events, which typically occur in the last week of every term, are slightly more formal than other social events, and so make great opportunities to celebrate the end of term and the vac to come.

Please drop me an email or a Facebook message if you have any questions or concerns about Jesus’ social events, or if you have any ideas of things you’d like to do or see (bop theme suggestions very welcome!!).