Living in college in first year was a dream - some of my favourite memories include coming home tired after lectures and lounging around in my room with a few of my friends, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I’d lived further away
— Marina Hackett | German, 3rd year
There’s a real sense of community and openness. The relatively small size of the student body plays into this, giving a feel of a big Jesus family! Another great thing is its location - the College is located right in the centre of Oxford, so nowhere is really that far away.
— Ben Longfield | Chemistry, 1st year
Applied because it advertised itself as friendly - was very happy to find upon arrival that it lived up to its reputation!
— Lorcan O'Brien | Philosophy & Theology, 1st year
Generally a very friendly college and enjoy the familial atmosphere!
— Alex Serpell | Physics, 3rd Year
Jesus college has the reputation of being the friendliest college for good reason; we really are the most fun and welcoming college! I’m so glad I chose Jesus College for this reason because the people you live with for 9 weeks really do make or break the experience, and my first term at Jesus College has been the best 2 months of my life! The people here are my favourite thing about it and it has surprised me just how close I have become with so many people in so short a time, but with Oxford’s term being so intense, it seems almost inevitable. Through thick and thin, Jesus college has provided me with wholesome support and I cannot recommend the college highly enough :)
— Jamie Slagel | Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics, 1st year
I applied because I loved the central location but also the opportunity to live out in other years.
I love the college community and how easy it is to get to know people in other years not just your own. I think this makes college events such as bops and dinner dance even more fun as you know everyone there really well.
— Anon. | 2nd year
I really love the cookies in the JCR hatch (our canteen)
— Anon. | 1st year
I applied because the college’s colour is green! What a great style. I love green.
— Anon. | 2nd year
I applied because it’s small, old, and central. It was better than I could have hoped and the small size of the college means that you get to know everyone. It’s a close-knit community.
— Anon. | 3rd year
The [JCR] conservatory in the summer!
— Anon. | 2nd year
I applied to Jesus because of the central location, the small/medium size and the friendly atmosphere.

My favourite thing about Jesus is the warmth amongst the students and the sense of camaraderie. College sport is super friendly which makes it really easy to join a team and lots of fun to be involved in. The staff in the Lodge, the Scouts, and the Hall staff really look out for you. The Library staff are also lovely and very helpful!

What amazes me about Jesus is how many people are involved in so many incredible things, be it in college, in university societies and clubs, or in the city itself. I’ve also heard great things about some dude called [former JCR President] Atti Vettivetpillai?!!
— Laura Jackson | Geography, 3rd year
Everyone is so friendly and there is a big sense of community around the college!
— Alice Hopkins | Physics, 1st year
I didn’t actually apply here (confession time) but I think the universe dealt me a good hand when I got pooled! I’ve met the tightest circle of friends in the college which has the best environment of any I’ve been to. Having spoken to my friends from other colleges who’ve visited Jesus and met people from here they agree that it really is the friendliest. The facilities (especially our beautiful bar) and location are amazing too and I couldn’t be happier with them, but it is the people who make the college and you don’t get better people than at Jesus.
— Anon. | 1st year
So so so friendly - inter-year friendships actually exist here - also people in general appreciate work/life balance, so you can work and go out without feeling alone/guilty
— Celia Riddiough | Classics, 1st year