Tennis is the ideal summer sport for those of us too scared of drowning to punt and too energetic for croquet or cricket. Jesus was unbeaten in the 2016/17 league season after a dominant series of forfeits by opponents.

When we do play, there are a variety of match types- singles and doubles, from informal friendlies to the knock-out cuppers tournament and regular league matches (of v varied standard). Whatever your ability, you’ll find a suitable opponent, and we’re always keen for beginners to get involved!

There’s nothing like a lazy game on a sunny Sunday afternoon on our fab grass courts, and it makes for a great revision break in Trinity term. Do let me know if you have any questions- I’ll be around at the Freshers’ Fair too if you want to know anything more about the team and tennis at Jesus.

Look forward to hitting with you soon,
(‘Ace-r’ am i rite)