The JCR TV is available for use by all members of the JCR. It has three remotes:


To turn on the TV, use the power button on the Sony Remote.

To change the HDMI channel use the digital/analogue button on the sony remote.

There are the following options:

SKY - Make sure the sky remote is switched on and change the HDMI channel to HDMI 1, using the Sony Remote.

Bluray/Dvd - Use the channel HDMI 2.

Netflix - Press the Netflix button on the Sony TV remote.

If any of the remotes aren’t working contact me!


The JCR has a projector, which can be connected to the TV or your personal laptop.

The projector is at the back right hand side of the jcr. There is a power switch to the left of the window overlooking ship street; switch this on and plug your laptop into the cable next to it. To lower the screen there is a switch on the right-hand side of the window, underneath the speakers.

To change the channel: On the underside of the projector (you’ll have to stand on a table to access this) there are a multitude of buttons. Hit the middle round button in the row nearest the front of the projector to change the channel (switch from projecting your laptop to the TV and vice versa).

Again, please contact me if you’re experiencing any issues in getting the projector to work.