Want to know how Oxford students live academically and socially? #OxTweet is a twitter project that allows prospective applicants to follow the lives of Oxford students, as they microblog about their work and social lives. There are a huge range of OxTweeters from subjects ranging from OxfordLinguist to OxfordMedic and OxfordPPE and they are all waiting for you to give them a tweet with any of your questions about university life.


Do you find that you know lots about the University of Oxford, but not much about what it is like to be a student there? The Oxvlog project aims to show what day-to-day life as a student is like, academic work and social fun all included. Every week students upload short video blogs about what they have been up to, including their work, their social life and answering questions submitted by viewers. Previous videos have also covered interview tips, reviews of course material and tours of colleges and the city. With contributors from across the subjects, colleges and years, Oxvlog represents the breadth of the Oxford experience. Check out the videos here.

  • Information on day-to-day life at Jesus is available on the Student Room’s Jesus College and University of Oxford pages

  • Jesus does not offer all undergraduate courses. Check course listings at each college here

  • You can find a list of all outreach events, both regionally and in Oxford, here

  • The university runs a scheme that links colleges to local authority areas. The full list is available here