Leo Maedje    Captain    2nd Year, PPE

Leo Maedje


2nd Year, PPE

After an unlucky first cuppers season in Trinity 2017, the Jesus Volleyball Team made a surprising comeback in 2018. Starting off the tournament with a close win against Balliol, the team did not leave Christchurch a chance in the second match. The experienced players, but especially the novices rose to the occasion in two heated semi-finals, defending balls seemingly impossible to get and smashing spikes unseen in the new Iffley gym. The final against Dunn School had to be decided in the third set, which Jesus confidently brought home after the first two nerve-racking sets.

In Trinity 2019, Jesus will be back and ready to defend their title, with freshers aboard from all over the world – rumours about the Greek national team are spreading…

Despite the pompous claims above, there is no pressure to be a volleyball goddess or god in order to join: our team members range from experienced blues players to complete beginners. Training starts right before the cuppers season in Trinity term. 

2018 Cuppers Champions!!

2018 Cuppers Champions!!