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Jenny Ricot

Hello! I’m Jenny, a third year chemist and the Access Rep this year at Jesus. This year I’ll be leading a team of others to try and achieve fairer access into the college, and the university more widely. We’ll be making videos on the JCR YouTube channel (like mock interviews, sample tutorials and Q&As with current students), continuing to post on the Humans of Jesus Instagram and uploading resources onto this section of the JCR website to try and demystify the process of getting into Oxford and give prospective students an idea of what life here is all about. Feel free to have a look around the website at all of the different admissions resources we’ve got on offer, and be sure to check out the college’s admissions information as well.

Jenny Ricôt
2nd Year, Chemistry
JCR Access Officer 2019

JCR Access Team

In April 2018, following the publication of Oxford University’s Inaugural Admissions Report, the then-JCR President, Athishan Vettivetpillai, created the Access Team to organise student-led initiatives to address the inequality faced to students prior to applying to University.

Since then, the Access Team has continued to focus its efforts on collating and publishing online resources to support access schemes. Our aim is to level the playing field for everyone, regardless of wealth, school, race, gender or any other segmentation of background.

Jenny Ricot (Chair)
Athishan Vettivetpillai
Ria Ranadive
Olivia Cook
Lucy McBride
Bronwyn Tonelli
Keelin Willis

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